Insya Allah

{ Posted on Sunday, December 20, 2009 by Sadid }
Insya Allah - "If Allah wills"

Ever planned something and it just don't turned out right? I'm sure we all have.

recently, I have been planning a lot (seriously). But most of them, didn't turned out how it should have been. Maybe that's the best for me, I don't know. Then I recalled, maybe its because I didn't say Insya Allah.

Last 4 khutbah (I think), we were reminded that to always say Insya Allah after we say that we wanna do something as it will put us in a state where we believe that our planning will only go smoothly if Allah permits. By not saying it, it makes it looks like we have the power to confirmed the action that will be done, which is not true.

There was one time when the sahabat asked Rasulullah (P.B.U.H) about the Ashabul Kahfi and Dzulkarnain, and the Prophet replied "come to me the next morning and I shall tell you", the next morning, no revelation comes to the Prophet. This makes the Prophet failed to answer the questions that was asked. Of course, the unbelievers take this opportunity to mock the Prophet.

Then came the revelation:

"Never say something, 'I shall do it tomorrow,' without adding, 'if God wills'. Recall your Lord if you forget to do something. Say, 'I hope that my Lord will provide me better guidance'."
(Al-Kahfi, 23-24)

May this post be a reminder for us all.
Insya Allah.

Winter break

{ Posted on Saturday, December 19, 2009 by Sadid }
Have any plans yet for the break? yes? no? maybe?

Well its fun to enjoy yourself especially after a really
tough semester, with the exams, assignments. It feels nice to be "organized" again after you feel like you're being torn apart by the exam. Maybe its better for me not to talk about it right? I'm sure you don't wanna know about it.

For me, I only have 3 weeks of break. When it comes to break like this, I normally wouldn't have anything big in mind to do. Normally I'll sleep for hours to make up for the sleep I've lost during the exam week, or maybe watching movies, or even just sitting in front of my computer facebook-ing, or just playing games. WOW, that's a lot time waste don't you think?

As a muslim don't you think that we need to do something more beneficial? A brother once told us that beneficial here means "something that can bring us benefit in this world and the life hereafter or that can avoid us from harm in this world and life hereafter", so when I compared it with what I usually do, it just doesn't go with the definition of doing something beneficial.

The prophet told us to "moist our tongue for zikr", I think that is the best way to start, Its fairly simple and very beneficial.

"Rememberance of God certainly brings comfort to all hearts"

Well, I think for those who doesn't have anything in mind yet, do plan it well. As time is very precious.

May Allah guides us and make us among those who are conscious of time.

For you Abah

{ Posted on Thursday, December 10, 2009 by Sadid }

It has been a while that I don't quite feel myself. I tried to calm myself down, I tried to pray. But I still feel like something is just not right maybe its because I'm not really into my prayer, I don't know. At first, I thought it might be because I haven't done anything much for my exam this coming Saturday, coz I really haven't studied much. It took me awhile to study and tried to feel normal again, but I just couldn't, maybe it's because of my excessive sleep that I've had. Later, I just randomly called home, I don't know why, I just did. It was great to know that everyone's home, and everything is going okay, but then I was like called to ask my sister, "Abah ade?", and my sister replied, "ade, baru balik, da 10 hari da abah mc", I was puzzled, mc?? 10 days?? balik dari mane?? Then I asked again, "haa?", (I know, its not the usual question a person would ask), "ko xtaw ker? abah baru balik hospital, tu la ko, kje blaja jer", I replied, "ye la, ape jadi?", she answered "ko engat tak abah ade bengkak tuh?, bende tuh da mrebak ke tempat laen pulak", now it is more confusing. I asked "pebende tuh?", she replied "cancer, abah baru abes wat chemotheraphy", I was really shocked. Maybe that's why I haven't been feeling good.

Then my sister continues, "abah ok kut, cume doktor kate abah kne kuat semangat la,". After hearing that, tears rolls down my cheek. I could only wish that I can be by his side right now. Giving him spirit that he needed, helping out with the house chores and everything. O Allah, please give him strength to overcome the obstacles you laid for him.

It has been awhile since I talked to him, please Allah give me chance to see him again.

ZUL SAYANG ABAH - never got the chance to actually say that to him..

Keep on going

{ Posted on Wednesday, December 09, 2009 by Sadid }
Life is never easy, sometimes we can barely hold on to life ( I don't know, maybe I kinda exaggerated it ). Sometimes maybe we felt that we are too weak to handle life as it is, sometimes it feels like its too easy to live the world. But that's life, sometimes we're up sometimes we're down. Bare with it, all you can do is pray for the best. Anyways, since it's kinda in exam mode for most of us here in Canada. All the best you guys. Don't let an exam you thought you screwed ruin the rest of your exam. Never give up. May Allah grant us all with success.

Take a break, do something worth it.

{ Posted on Tuesday, December 08, 2009 by Sadid }
This post is just for fun, I found this on the net, I thought it'll be great to share. Lets sharpen our brain guys!!


{ Posted on Monday, December 07, 2009 by Sadid }

We can actually say anything we want, its our mouth, its our voice-box, its our tongue!! Isn't that great?? wow, freedom of speech...

Well, I don't know about you guys, as for me, I couldn't care less what you guys wanna say, but do mind that there are words that are just not suitable in certain place with certain people in it. Do know that some people can't handle harsh language that you're using. Maybe you don't used such language, but sometimes the way you say certain words also hurts people around you. You noticed that?

Last few weeks (don't quite remember), I was talking to a friend and was interrupted by his friend, as I was telling my friend the things happened to me (which is really cool), then his friend said "show-off" (in a very unpleasant tone and look in his face). I really don't know what went wrong. Is it wrong to tell a friend that I've experienced something good?

Maybe I'm the one who take things emotionally? I don't know...

I think if only he kept his mouth shut, maybe it's better.

For those out there, if you guys ever in any conversation, if you have nothing better to say, I would personally suggest you keep quiet. Why say any random thing that you don't actually wanna say? Ever think why Allah gave us 1 mouth and 2 ears? Go Figure...


{ Posted on Tuesday, November 24, 2009 by Sadid }
I always like to hear music while doing homework that needs me doing calculation like math. As I listen to the songs played, I will sing along. It has been very long since I hear this song, and while I was doing my work, suddenly tears came rolling from my eyes when I heard this song. I just feel like sharing this with everyone else.

It's not yours

{ Posted on Monday, November 23, 2009 by Sadid }
If you take a look at all the things that you have, I'm sure most of us will want more than we have. It is just natural.

The sons of Adam's thirst of worldly possessions can never be filled and can only be gone when he dies.

But, the thing is, all the stuff that we thought we owned, is not ours. It is all Allah's who lend it for us to use. Not just the stuff we have, but also our family, our senses, basically everything.

Allah can definitely take back anything from you if He wants to do so.

I don't know about you guys, but I've been calculating money so that I can save some and spend some, things like that. After calculating, I feel like the money from JPA won't be enough for me. Last month, I locked myself outside of my room, which costs me $30. Today, I locked myself outside again, guess what? yup, another $30. After that I realized that, maybe I wasn't being thankful for the things that are given to me. Now I realized it, I don't mind the money, I think its good for me to realized that Allah has been giving me reminders.

"Remember when your Lord said to you, 'if you give thanks, I shall give you greater (favours), but if you deny (the Truth), know that My retribution is severe" {Surah Ibrahim, 7}

Thank You Allah

Tired Of Problems?

{ Posted on Thursday, November 12, 2009 by Sadid }
Problems are everywhere in this world. The more we tried to get away from it, the more of it we'll get. Basically its like that. Face it, then it'll go away.

I'm not promoting iPhone, neither do I wanna say anything about apps in iPhone.

Actually I was searching for ads on Youtube for my assignment, and I thought this video is really funny, and since the topic of "marriage" and those which are related to it is getting hot and even hotter with each passing day. So I thought this video will be something for us to think about.

Things to do as a student.....

{ Posted on Monday, November 09, 2009 by Sadid }

Its the second weekend for us tomorrow! yeah! it feels awesome, especially after 4 weeks of midterms, mountains of homework, seas of assignments, etc.

Actually, I'm not sure how the video can be related to any of you guys out there, but the thing is, after I finished my homework (at least for the ones that are due the day after), I will play games. I've asked a friend of mine while he's playing a game (which I don't consider as a game), "bosan gila game ko, baik tak payah main", the he replies, "ala, sama macam game bola kau tu la, aku rasa biasa jer, ko jer yang tak leh berhenti main", then it makes me think, "maybe he's right, there is nothing you achieve by playing games, it is just for pleasure and fun which some may see it as fun and others don't, but who cares right? coz as long we are happy, I don't see any problems with that".

But for me, I rather play a game that somehow you can learn something or "benefit". That's why I put the video there cause I think, even though it's not a real piano, but I do learn the chord by playing it with my iPhone 3Gs (saje nak gtaw).

But the main point of this post is actually to stress out that students do play games!

what are you waiting for? GAME ON!!

p/s: If you guys still have homework to do, my advice is to do that first. Playing games can be addictive, you might forget to do your homework if you choose to play first.

In search of distractions~

{ Posted on Monday, October 26, 2009 by Sadid }

It's nice if you can actually do your work without any distraction, and you can finished your work early and have a good time afterwards.

The problem is, for me at least, I love to find something that can somehow distract me from doing work. Why ?? I don't know....

It feels a lot better than taking a break I guess, coz if I take a break, I'll feel like I'm wasting my time doing things that I don't need, but by having distraction, I'll tell myself that it's part of the work, like maybe in the middle of the work, I suddenly open up e-class and print out notes for next class etc.

But, the thing is, IT'S THE SAME THING!! just named as different things. Weird ey?

Same goes for studying, I remembered the days before SPM, like balik kampung with textbooks which I don't even read, but it feels nice to bring them regardless the weight of the books. Why am I like this? How should I know...

So for those out there who are feeling the same, welcome to the club.. but always remember that, enough fooling around, go back to work, no pain no gain!

How do I ...........

{ Posted on Sunday, October 25, 2009 by Sadid }
"How I wish I can make him understand.."

I got this housemate, he knows a little bit bout Islam, when I was fasting sunat, he goes " you must be in really big sins that makes you fast even after ramadhan", seriously I don't know what to reply to him, I just smiled. There are also lots of other situation that I thought I should have answered fully to him. I don't know why I can't just tell him.

Is it because of the language? Is it because my lack of charisma? Is it my confidence? Is it because of me not fully understand my own religion? ya Allah~

unplanned post

{ Posted on Sunday, October 18, 2009 by Sadid }
I really don't know what to write, but I just feel like writing something. Coz, I've just finished watching some clips about people reverting into Islam, I don't know why, but sometimes I just feel like I wanna have the moments when Allah shows me the sign like those who reverts into Islam. I've heard stories of those who hears azan and revert to Islam, those who feels it when they heard someone reading Quran, to be honest, I do tried to get those feelings, and everytime I said to myself, "yeap, that was it" eventhough I didn't feel anything (I don't know what I feel), but after watching the clips from my friend's blog, it really hit me when the guy said that he was arrogant not to notice all the God's creation. Well, I've heard before that people are saying like "look at the God's creation", but that wasn't enough for me (I don't know why), but now I realized how arrogant I am. Astaghfirullah.

I'm really grateful to those who shared the clips and Thank You Allah.

Alhamdulillah, it feels a lot better.


{ Posted on Sunday, October 11, 2009 by Sadid }

"Believers, why is it that when you are told to march for the cause of God, you seem to linger at home. Have you given preference to the worldly life over the life hereafter? the worldly gains compared to those of the next life are but very little." (At-Tawbah, 38)

Just a reminder for me to always remember the aim of being a human, not only for this world, but also for life hereafter..

Are we prepared for the life hereafter?


{ Posted on Thursday, September 24, 2009 by Sadid }

Don't you think it's rather hard to forgive someone who really done something really really wrong to you?

Well you know what? The anger you kept inside you will never gone and you'll never find peace in your heart. I don't really know about you guys, but that's how I felt if I hold any grudge against someone.

What's wrong if we forgive? We all do mistakes, so what's the problem?

Don't you think that we've that soooo many sins that we really want Allah to forgive us? Don't we want Allah to forgive us? Then forgive others, there was an incident where the sahabat, Abu Bakar just don't want to forgive and don't want to help a person who just pissed him off, but then come a reminder from Allah to forgive others just like we hope to be forgiven by Allah (I don't quite remember the surah and all).

Since it's the Eid, I would like to apologize to everyone for my mistakes, for the words that just shouldn't be said, for the things I did, for the upcoming things that i might do (hope not)...

May Allah bless us all and forgive for the things we've done wrong..

Knowing Devils

{ Posted on Friday, September 18, 2009 by Sadid }

How do we protect ourselves from something we don't know?

Just like exams, if its chemistry, then read on chemistry, get to know the nature of it, if there is any thing that you just don't understand, go to your teacher, easy right?

So, before the devils (not Man United) come to us this Sunday or Monday, why don't we prepare ourselves with information on these devils so that we don't commit sins.

First of all, we need to know that they will never say no or never to you. For example, you feel like praying 2 rakaat prayer for the night before you sleep, it can be basically anything (taubat or hajat or anything), the devils won't say "don't pray", instead they'll say "why don't you go to sleep, then you'll be able to go for tahajjud plus the prayer that you want to perform right now", then you'll go to sleep and eventually miss both prayers. It's fine if its just a sunat prayer, but what if it's an isya' prayer?

Also we do need to know that the devil won't ask you to directly commit sins but they will slowly (in time) ask you to commit sins. For example, 1st they ask you to pray at home (not in jemaah) as it easier if you got things to do, then they will ask you to pray later and eventually you'll miss your prayers.

By saying so, we do need to prepare for their appearance starting this 1st Syawal. What can we do?

A brother suggest that we plan our schedule daily in risk management where the risk is committing sins. By doing so, we can always check daily whether or not we've achieved our target of staying away from doing sins. Other than that, we can just basically stay away from places of sins or fitna.

Whatever it is, do prepare yourselves for them.

~May Allah guides us all in His path~

Stay firm and strong !!

{ Posted on Friday, September 18, 2009 by Sadid }

"its easy to be on top, but its hard to stay on top"

The month of Ramadhan will be leaving us soon. It has been a great month for us muslims, but are we ready to leave the month of Ramadhan?

As we all know, during this month, all the devils are tied up, the doors of heavens are opened while the doors of hells are closed, it makes us all strong and at our peak of our ibadah. But usually, most muslims, after the month of Ramadhan, fail to keep the momentum that has been maximize during the month of Ramadhan. If that the case, what do we actually get from our ibadah, if we still stay the same as before Ramadhan? So, what can we do?

There are lots of things that you can do to stay firm in ibadah. 1st of all, take really good care of your prayers as that is the best way you can talk to Allah, then recite the Quran regularly as it is the best way to hear from Allah. It's good if you can keep the two-way kinda relationship with Allah.

May this post be a reminder for all muslims.

Renew Our Faith

{ Posted on Monday, August 24, 2009 by Sadid }

Faith is definitely something that we can't see, but we believe in our hearts and we act accordingly through our senses for it.

Do you guys still remember what you guys ate last weekend? I bet there most of us forget about it already and you know what, we can actually see the food that we ate. But what about heaven, hell, angels, devils, sins and the list just goes on and on. Surely there is a tendency for us to forget about it right? So what can we do about it? Now, that is something nice to talk about. Discuss it with your friends, as you talk more about it, you'll remember more on it.

Please don't see this as a small matter. You know what, even the Prophet himself asked the sahabat to renew their faith [which we know 10 of them are guaranteed heaven by Allah], but still they are reminded to renew their faith. What about us? Who commits sins as a daily routine without noticing it. We seriously need to do something about this. So in this holy month of Ramadhan, I would like invite all to increase and renew our faith.

-May Allah guides us all in His path-

Learn from your mistakes

{ Posted on Friday, August 21, 2009 by Sadid }

It is just human to make mistake, but repeating the mistake is just plain stupid.

Well, you know what, sometimes we commit mistakes by accident. we do need to feel wrong about it and always remember not to repeat it.

Within the last 3 days, I was caught driving fast. The policeman was giving out info on the summons, but then the situations change and I don't even notice it. The policeman was like "tengah panas-panas ni, awak nak tolong saya berapa?". I don't quite understand, so I show him my wallet. Then he was like asking for RM20, so I gave it to him as I was really panic at that time. Then he was like "jangan la tinggi-tinggi sangat [while I gave him the money] , ingat nak beli ayam ke? ". It was really a relieve to me to get away from the mess I've done, but then it got me thinking [after my friends told me], was I paying bribe to the policeman? I really felt terrible after that, seriously. But then, what can I do? So, now I know how the system works, hopefully that I won't do the same thing again. Damn that police.

So its fine when you do wrong things accidentally [hope so], but then we do need to remember not to do it again and always repent on the things we've done wrong.

-May Allah forgive me and anyone who do wrong things accidentally-

Manage Your Time

{ Posted on Monday, August 17, 2009 by Sadid }

Time is a very terrible thing to waste.

I've got friends who just doesn't appreciate time like I do. So every time I set up a time for meeting or just time for us to hang around, I find it very difficult as I need to always push my schedule back to give room for my friends to wake up (if it's in the morning), pick up laundry (during the evening).

Well sometimes, these kinda situations just threw off my mood from doing anything. I know sometimes I have to be patient, but sometimes patience has it's limit (which some people are unaware of).

We do need to manage our time wisely, as the time flies, it will never come back for you. Especially for our preparation for the month of Ramadhan. We seriously don't want to waste our time doing non-sense things while we can really do "amal" as we never know that we might not see the next Ramadhan.

-May Allah grant the opportunity for us to be a better muslim this Ramadhan-

Take action, Make a change.

{ Posted on Friday, August 14, 2009 by Sadid }

I've seen lots of people these days, when they've got problems, they tend to whine about it. Complaints won't get you anywhere without action.

Recently, I've got a friend who has a problems with his time management. He keeps on complaining about the education system, about Malaysian lifestyle, but never take the action to solve the problems.

Well, we all have problems, we do need the time for us to see the problems clearly which is maybe by complaining. But after that, do take a few steps forward by thinking about the ways to handle it.

There are also people who chooses to leave it to God's will. What are you guys thinking? That action is supposed to be the last thing we do after we took action on something. We can't just leave everything to God without doing any action on something. It is just plain wrong.

So if you got problems, take action on it. There are a lots of things you can do to handle it. Get a friend involved or get a counsellor's advice. You'll get it through.

-May Allah guides us all in His path-

Being a hypocrite?

{ Posted on Wednesday, August 12, 2009 by Sadid }

I don't know about you guys, but apparently I do see hypocrite in myself or do I?

When I'm with someone important or just maybe someone older or just around good people, I tend to be good, to act accordingly with the norms around me. But then, when I'm with my friends, I tend to be who I really am (I guess), like doing things that are just nonsense.

Well yesterday, I got the honour to eat breakfast with the "Pengarah Bahagian Pembangunan Modal Insan (JPA)". During the breakfast, I really tried to be polite, eat accordingly, say opinions on issues, basically the things that I just don't do with my friends. But then, when he leaves the place, I was like "It's over, FINALLY" and I rushed to eat my breakfast. And after that, It was a briefing gave by the MAS representative. There was a problem when the slides just don't go smoothly (because of the person who looks after the slides), then I was like "AHEM!!". That is just the way I behave. I don't know why, but it is really different from the breakfast that morning.

Am I being a hypocrite? Am I true to myself? Or Am I tried to be polite or courteous? Is it just me?

What do you guys think?

See yourself first

{ Posted on Tuesday, August 11, 2009 by Sadid }

It's fun when you make fun of someone else, but then it just can get over the line sometimes.

I was playing football this evening, I've heard that the opposing team player was mocking his teammates for not playing well enough. But the thing is, he himself don't play as good, it's a good thing that there was an older friend of mine gave him a talk on how to respect others and see yourself before even saying something about someone else.

In our life, we tend to see others' weaknesses or defects rather than ours. It's just human to be like that, but still, we CAN make a difference by seeing ourselves thoroughly first before we judge anyone else, because people just don't like to be mocked and embarrassed especially by those who are just not fit to mocked them.

-may this be a reminder for me and for those who reads it-

Don't follow those who shouldn't be followed.

{ Posted on Sunday, August 09, 2009 by Sadid }

Sometimes we just simply take a person or a group of people as an example just to cover up our doings.

I have a brother, recently he keeps on saying "clown tu bodoh la, dia cakap ...(something funny I guess) ". I didn't mind him saying that, its just that I feel irritated to hear him saying it over and over again. Then I said to him " If the clown is stupid, then the person who keeps on repeating the clown's actions or words will be ......" . I left that space for him, but then he just ignores me. Maybe it's my mistake to say such a thing to a 5 years old boy.

But the thing is, there are people out there do wrong stuff and use others as a cover for them. For example, "Just throw the rubbish out of the car, that car in front of us can do it, why can't we?"

So before you take any actions, do consider everything that you're doing. Don't blindly follow others. You KNOW what's RIGHT, then DO the RIGHT thing.

How do I say it right??

{ Posted on Thursday, August 06, 2009 by Sadid }

Have you guys ever felt that you've got something to say to someone or maybe you just want to be heard, but then you just don't know how to say it (not literally but really say what you really meant) ?

I've always got this problems especially when I really need to say it right with the right words altogether, but I just don't know how to do it.

A friend told me that, if I wanna express myself, i should make a movie and show it to everyone since I can't really put in words so that I'll feel like saying "LOOK, this is what you guys think, and SEE again, this is the TRUTH". Great idea right?

What do you think?

sharing IS caring

{ Posted on Thursday, August 06, 2009 by Sadid }

"Everyone has something wonderful to share, a lesson they learned along the way about themselves or others. When we share something positive, inspiring or spiritual, we help others feel connected to us.

Well you know what? Right after my 1st post, I've been thinking, "what kinda blog is this gonna be?". Then it comes to me that I would like to make this blog as a place for me to share my experience with the world so that if I done anything wrong, (hopefully) people will learned and didn't commit the same mistakes I've done, or even if I done an extremely job well done, people just could follow my steps or just observed what I've done and have a think about it for self-improvement.

The largest room in the world is the room for self-improvement right?? At least that what I've heard before, so hopefully my experience can be a lesson for those who seeks improvement or betterment in life.


Things are just meant to be........

{ Posted on Thursday, August 06, 2009 by Sadid }

I've never planned to start blogging...but then, things are just meant to be.. So here I am...BLOGGING!!

Actually, there are more than just blogging.. In our life, there are lots of things just don't go the way we planned.. But then always look for the brighter side of it, there's got to be something better for you.

From my experience, I've been in an accident, it was not great at all, for an experience it was the "asam garam" side of life, but then when I look back at it, that accident really changed me, only after that accident I noticed that, there are people who loves me, cares about me and it made me learn to be better in life, do good things for those I love the most - my parents. It was like my second turning point in my life, so somehow, even though the things that me and my friends planned earlier (going for picnic at Tg. Malim) didn't go as we thought it would be, but then its very nice to feel the turning point in our life once in awhile.

There are also times when i was in standard 4 in Sekolah Rendah Islam ABIM Kajang, I was a very naughty boy (seriously), then I was taken to the vice-principal's office (because of attitude probs) and I was lectured quite long but it really touched my heart that I changed to be a better student especially in doing my homework and all, by looking into the bright side of it, being naughty is not a bad thing actually. It is just how I learned to be a better person. So if you see any naughty kids around you, don't worry, they'll learned someday.

If I can try to see good things in the worst situation of all... Why can't you?

May Allah be with all of us. And always be patient with this kinda situations,"sesungguhnya Allah bersama orang2 yg bersabar"