Insya Allah

{ Posted on Sunday, December 20, 2009 by Sadid }
Insya Allah - "If Allah wills"

Ever planned something and it just don't turned out right? I'm sure we all have.

recently, I have been planning a lot (seriously). But most of them, didn't turned out how it should have been. Maybe that's the best for me, I don't know. Then I recalled, maybe its because I didn't say Insya Allah.

Last 4 khutbah (I think), we were reminded that to always say Insya Allah after we say that we wanna do something as it will put us in a state where we believe that our planning will only go smoothly if Allah permits. By not saying it, it makes it looks like we have the power to confirmed the action that will be done, which is not true.

There was one time when the sahabat asked Rasulullah (P.B.U.H) about the Ashabul Kahfi and Dzulkarnain, and the Prophet replied "come to me the next morning and I shall tell you", the next morning, no revelation comes to the Prophet. This makes the Prophet failed to answer the questions that was asked. Of course, the unbelievers take this opportunity to mock the Prophet.

Then came the revelation:

"Never say something, 'I shall do it tomorrow,' without adding, 'if God wills'. Recall your Lord if you forget to do something. Say, 'I hope that my Lord will provide me better guidance'."
(Al-Kahfi, 23-24)

May this post be a reminder for us all.
Insya Allah.

Winter break

{ Posted on Saturday, December 19, 2009 by Sadid }
Have any plans yet for the break? yes? no? maybe?

Well its fun to enjoy yourself especially after a really
tough semester, with the exams, assignments. It feels nice to be "organized" again after you feel like you're being torn apart by the exam. Maybe its better for me not to talk about it right? I'm sure you don't wanna know about it.

For me, I only have 3 weeks of break. When it comes to break like this, I normally wouldn't have anything big in mind to do. Normally I'll sleep for hours to make up for the sleep I've lost during the exam week, or maybe watching movies, or even just sitting in front of my computer facebook-ing, or just playing games. WOW, that's a lot time waste don't you think?

As a muslim don't you think that we need to do something more beneficial? A brother once told us that beneficial here means "something that can bring us benefit in this world and the life hereafter or that can avoid us from harm in this world and life hereafter", so when I compared it with what I usually do, it just doesn't go with the definition of doing something beneficial.

The prophet told us to "moist our tongue for zikr", I think that is the best way to start, Its fairly simple and very beneficial.

"Rememberance of God certainly brings comfort to all hearts"

Well, I think for those who doesn't have anything in mind yet, do plan it well. As time is very precious.

May Allah guides us and make us among those who are conscious of time.

For you Abah

{ Posted on Thursday, December 10, 2009 by Sadid }

It has been a while that I don't quite feel myself. I tried to calm myself down, I tried to pray. But I still feel like something is just not right maybe its because I'm not really into my prayer, I don't know. At first, I thought it might be because I haven't done anything much for my exam this coming Saturday, coz I really haven't studied much. It took me awhile to study and tried to feel normal again, but I just couldn't, maybe it's because of my excessive sleep that I've had. Later, I just randomly called home, I don't know why, I just did. It was great to know that everyone's home, and everything is going okay, but then I was like called to ask my sister, "Abah ade?", and my sister replied, "ade, baru balik, da 10 hari da abah mc", I was puzzled, mc?? 10 days?? balik dari mane?? Then I asked again, "haa?", (I know, its not the usual question a person would ask), "ko xtaw ker? abah baru balik hospital, tu la ko, kje blaja jer", I replied, "ye la, ape jadi?", she answered "ko engat tak abah ade bengkak tuh?, bende tuh da mrebak ke tempat laen pulak", now it is more confusing. I asked "pebende tuh?", she replied "cancer, abah baru abes wat chemotheraphy", I was really shocked. Maybe that's why I haven't been feeling good.

Then my sister continues, "abah ok kut, cume doktor kate abah kne kuat semangat la,". After hearing that, tears rolls down my cheek. I could only wish that I can be by his side right now. Giving him spirit that he needed, helping out with the house chores and everything. O Allah, please give him strength to overcome the obstacles you laid for him.

It has been awhile since I talked to him, please Allah give me chance to see him again.

ZUL SAYANG ABAH - never got the chance to actually say that to him..

Keep on going

{ Posted on Wednesday, December 09, 2009 by Sadid }
Life is never easy, sometimes we can barely hold on to life ( I don't know, maybe I kinda exaggerated it ). Sometimes maybe we felt that we are too weak to handle life as it is, sometimes it feels like its too easy to live the world. But that's life, sometimes we're up sometimes we're down. Bare with it, all you can do is pray for the best. Anyways, since it's kinda in exam mode for most of us here in Canada. All the best you guys. Don't let an exam you thought you screwed ruin the rest of your exam. Never give up. May Allah grant us all with success.

Take a break, do something worth it.

{ Posted on Tuesday, December 08, 2009 by Sadid }
This post is just for fun, I found this on the net, I thought it'll be great to share. Lets sharpen our brain guys!!


{ Posted on Monday, December 07, 2009 by Sadid }

We can actually say anything we want, its our mouth, its our voice-box, its our tongue!! Isn't that great?? wow, freedom of speech...

Well, I don't know about you guys, as for me, I couldn't care less what you guys wanna say, but do mind that there are words that are just not suitable in certain place with certain people in it. Do know that some people can't handle harsh language that you're using. Maybe you don't used such language, but sometimes the way you say certain words also hurts people around you. You noticed that?

Last few weeks (don't quite remember), I was talking to a friend and was interrupted by his friend, as I was telling my friend the things happened to me (which is really cool), then his friend said "show-off" (in a very unpleasant tone and look in his face). I really don't know what went wrong. Is it wrong to tell a friend that I've experienced something good?

Maybe I'm the one who take things emotionally? I don't know...

I think if only he kept his mouth shut, maybe it's better.

For those out there, if you guys ever in any conversation, if you have nothing better to say, I would personally suggest you keep quiet. Why say any random thing that you don't actually wanna say? Ever think why Allah gave us 1 mouth and 2 ears? Go Figure...