{ Posted on Thursday, September 24, 2009 by Sadid }

Don't you think it's rather hard to forgive someone who really done something really really wrong to you?

Well you know what? The anger you kept inside you will never gone and you'll never find peace in your heart. I don't really know about you guys, but that's how I felt if I hold any grudge against someone.

What's wrong if we forgive? We all do mistakes, so what's the problem?

Don't you think that we've that soooo many sins that we really want Allah to forgive us? Don't we want Allah to forgive us? Then forgive others, there was an incident where the sahabat, Abu Bakar just don't want to forgive and don't want to help a person who just pissed him off, but then come a reminder from Allah to forgive others just like we hope to be forgiven by Allah (I don't quite remember the surah and all).

Since it's the Eid, I would like to apologize to everyone for my mistakes, for the words that just shouldn't be said, for the things I did, for the upcoming things that i might do (hope not)...

May Allah bless us all and forgive for the things we've done wrong..

Knowing Devils

{ Posted on Friday, September 18, 2009 by Sadid }

How do we protect ourselves from something we don't know?

Just like exams, if its chemistry, then read on chemistry, get to know the nature of it, if there is any thing that you just don't understand, go to your teacher, easy right?

So, before the devils (not Man United) come to us this Sunday or Monday, why don't we prepare ourselves with information on these devils so that we don't commit sins.

First of all, we need to know that they will never say no or never to you. For example, you feel like praying 2 rakaat prayer for the night before you sleep, it can be basically anything (taubat or hajat or anything), the devils won't say "don't pray", instead they'll say "why don't you go to sleep, then you'll be able to go for tahajjud plus the prayer that you want to perform right now", then you'll go to sleep and eventually miss both prayers. It's fine if its just a sunat prayer, but what if it's an isya' prayer?

Also we do need to know that the devil won't ask you to directly commit sins but they will slowly (in time) ask you to commit sins. For example, 1st they ask you to pray at home (not in jemaah) as it easier if you got things to do, then they will ask you to pray later and eventually you'll miss your prayers.

By saying so, we do need to prepare for their appearance starting this 1st Syawal. What can we do?

A brother suggest that we plan our schedule daily in risk management where the risk is committing sins. By doing so, we can always check daily whether or not we've achieved our target of staying away from doing sins. Other than that, we can just basically stay away from places of sins or fitna.

Whatever it is, do prepare yourselves for them.

~May Allah guides us all in His path~

Stay firm and strong !!

{ Posted on Friday, September 18, 2009 by Sadid }

"its easy to be on top, but its hard to stay on top"

The month of Ramadhan will be leaving us soon. It has been a great month for us muslims, but are we ready to leave the month of Ramadhan?

As we all know, during this month, all the devils are tied up, the doors of heavens are opened while the doors of hells are closed, it makes us all strong and at our peak of our ibadah. But usually, most muslims, after the month of Ramadhan, fail to keep the momentum that has been maximize during the month of Ramadhan. If that the case, what do we actually get from our ibadah, if we still stay the same as before Ramadhan? So, what can we do?

There are lots of things that you can do to stay firm in ibadah. 1st of all, take really good care of your prayers as that is the best way you can talk to Allah, then recite the Quran regularly as it is the best way to hear from Allah. It's good if you can keep the two-way kinda relationship with Allah.

May this post be a reminder for all muslims.