So close yet so far

{ Posted on Tuesday, July 20, 2010 by Sadid }
I woke up today, feeling good about myself since I managed to get up 1 hour early than usual. Then there is a smell..... the one that I just couldn't stop sniffing.

As I browse through the news feed in Facebook, I came across several pictures of my friends. They were playing that white stuff. They also have a video of them playing the white stuff. Haaa~~ It feels so good watching them.

Seeing them playing around like children, mainly because they never
seen such thing before. I remembered how I first encountered that white stuff too. To be honest, watching their video reminds me of myself, just a few months back.

YES! That was it! The smell was the same fragrance when me and my friends was in Banff playing snowboard. Good times...Gooood times~

I really missed playing snowboard. Seeing my friends on the other half part of the world experiencing winter makes the feeling even stronger. I've been looking at my videos ( playing snowboard ) quite a few times now.

Wish the winter never ends. Apart from snowboarding, I guess doing amal is also very great during that time of year, since the day is very short, you can fast the whole season! And since the night is very long, it gives you the opportunity to wake up for qiamullail. Great eyh?

haha. me, 1st time snowboarding. looks very noob. wearing track bottom instead of snow pants, what was I thinking? haha. Also wearing wind breaker instead of proper gear. haha~

This is me when I lost my iPhone. Actually there's lots of "hardship" during my snowboarding season (including the ones where I ripped my ligaments), but I guess there no need to show such picture here (it just feels terrible. sigh~).

I guess I can call this one as the best picture of my 1st season. Even though it seems like it's not that high, but believe me, its a looooooong way down.

Compilation of my moves. You don't have to listen to the voice in the video. Hehe. Really hoped to get even better next season. Hee~

Smile 2

{ Posted on Friday, July 16, 2010 by Sadid }

Since the "nothing-to-do" days aren't over yet, so I decided to do something ( in hopes of less procrastination ). I finally understand why giving a smile is a very good thing to do!

When you smile, the movement will trigger the brain's pleasure points causing endorphins ( body's natural painkillers ) to be released, which usually released after laughing, getting massaged, eating chocolate or anything that leaves smile on your face. Also, smiling can boost levels of neurotransmitter ( serotonin ) which regulates our moods, sleep and also appetite.

A smile makes a person feel as good as eating 2000 bars of chocolate. WOW!

Research shows that after being shown pictures of smiling people, the heart activity of the participants is equal to that when are given 2000 chocolate bars. ( I really don't know how they did this test, quite a lot of chocolate don't you think? )

So next time, if you're thinking of giving someone chocolate, give them a smile instead. =D


p/s: I learned today that elephants do have "fear" towards mouse. ( Thank you Mythbusters! )

Empty - Kosong

{ Posted on Tuesday, July 06, 2010 by Sadid }
It has been awhile since my last update for this blog. To tell y'all the truth, I really don't know what to write and seriously amazed by those who can post for every single day. Nice~

Anyways, since the spring term already finished and with summer term filled with no interesting class leaves me no choice but to do absolutely......nothing. Sigh~

Here are some of the pictures of last weekend. Me and some friends went to National Park at Jasper and Banff. It was really awesome. The sight of the mountains and the scenery really took our breath away.

Medicine Lake

Fishing at Maligne Lake

Columbia Icefield - glacier kinda thing

At Lake Louise

Sulphur Mountain Hot Springs Pool

Sulphur Mountain Gondola

Along the way to Banff

Well, that is certainly not all of it. Got more pics on FB. =]

p/s: Thanks to Ejan, Cimi and Ammar for their picture. I forgot to bring my camera for the trip. Sigh~
p/s/s: Got anime catching-up marathon to do, so actually I have things to do. haha
p/s/s/s: Slept like crazy today.
p/s/s/s/s: Got admission into Petroleum Engineering, but can't enroll for class. Sigh~