{ Posted on Tuesday, November 24, 2009 by Sadid }
I always like to hear music while doing homework that needs me doing calculation like math. As I listen to the songs played, I will sing along. It has been very long since I hear this song, and while I was doing my work, suddenly tears came rolling from my eyes when I heard this song. I just feel like sharing this with everyone else.

It's not yours

{ Posted on Monday, November 23, 2009 by Sadid }
If you take a look at all the things that you have, I'm sure most of us will want more than we have. It is just natural.

The sons of Adam's thirst of worldly possessions can never be filled and can only be gone when he dies.

But, the thing is, all the stuff that we thought we owned, is not ours. It is all Allah's who lend it for us to use. Not just the stuff we have, but also our family, our senses, basically everything.

Allah can definitely take back anything from you if He wants to do so.

I don't know about you guys, but I've been calculating money so that I can save some and spend some, things like that. After calculating, I feel like the money from JPA won't be enough for me. Last month, I locked myself outside of my room, which costs me $30. Today, I locked myself outside again, guess what? yup, another $30. After that I realized that, maybe I wasn't being thankful for the things that are given to me. Now I realized it, I don't mind the money, I think its good for me to realized that Allah has been giving me reminders.

"Remember when your Lord said to you, 'if you give thanks, I shall give you greater (favours), but if you deny (the Truth), know that My retribution is severe" {Surah Ibrahim, 7}

Thank You Allah

Tired Of Problems?

{ Posted on Thursday, November 12, 2009 by Sadid }
Problems are everywhere in this world. The more we tried to get away from it, the more of it we'll get. Basically its like that. Face it, then it'll go away.

I'm not promoting iPhone, neither do I wanna say anything about apps in iPhone.

Actually I was searching for ads on Youtube for my assignment, and I thought this video is really funny, and since the topic of "marriage" and those which are related to it is getting hot and even hotter with each passing day. So I thought this video will be something for us to think about.

Things to do as a student.....

{ Posted on Monday, November 09, 2009 by Sadid }

Its the second weekend for us tomorrow! yeah! it feels awesome, especially after 4 weeks of midterms, mountains of homework, seas of assignments, etc.

Actually, I'm not sure how the video can be related to any of you guys out there, but the thing is, after I finished my homework (at least for the ones that are due the day after), I will play games. I've asked a friend of mine while he's playing a game (which I don't consider as a game), "bosan gila game ko, baik tak payah main", the he replies, "ala, sama macam game bola kau tu la, aku rasa biasa jer, ko jer yang tak leh berhenti main", then it makes me think, "maybe he's right, there is nothing you achieve by playing games, it is just for pleasure and fun which some may see it as fun and others don't, but who cares right? coz as long we are happy, I don't see any problems with that".

But for me, I rather play a game that somehow you can learn something or "benefit". That's why I put the video there cause I think, even though it's not a real piano, but I do learn the chord by playing it with my iPhone 3Gs (saje nak gtaw).

But the main point of this post is actually to stress out that students do play games!

what are you waiting for? GAME ON!!

p/s: If you guys still have homework to do, my advice is to do that first. Playing games can be addictive, you might forget to do your homework if you choose to play first.