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2 mistakes in a day.
what a bummer~
not to mention goods going scuba diving.
what a bummer~
did i tell u about those private things? shoot! i did?
what a bummer~
said yes instead of thinking clearly.
what a bummer~



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Saya di Toronto sekarang.

Relationship in Islam?

{ Posted on Wednesday, December 22, 2010 by Sadid }
It was not a good day for me, the midterm exam was not good at all. As me and a muslim friend walked out the Engineering building,

A : So you Malaysians really practice Islam to the core right?
Me : I guess, yeah.
A : Well, I was wondering..... why does B (another friend) has a girlfriend? How does that relationship work?
Me : Errrr....

The conversation kinda stopped there, and after that I just told him what I knew about relationship in Islam. Since it wasn't a big deal at the time, so the days after that goes as usual.

Recently, I got the job to be a shelver in the University's library. Since I'm new there, the supervisor asked me to introduced myself and shake hands with every staff in the library. So I told him that I can't shake hands with any female which aren't related to me as it is in the religion. He was kinda shocked, as he lived with a Muslim society before and never know about that. There was also some female Chinese staff just know about it as I told them. While working, one of the Chinese asked me "so how does the relationship in your religion works if you can't touch?". To be honest, I really didn't know how to put it in words.

I've been looking up the internet about relationship in Islam mainly to see how they put their words together, making people who don't know anything can really understand. But haven't found any good one yet. Anyone can help?

unfulfilled wish~

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Looking at the window, wondering, what did I do. I know there's a reason behind every thing happened that day. I'll know it someday. Look! Owh, it was nothing. Thought it was something, but the reality is nothing. Continue on looking~~

When things go haywire

{ Posted on Wednesday, October 13, 2010 by Sadid }
It has certainly been the longest 5 weeks ever. With weekends barely felt like 3-4 mins, and then comes Monday. Wow!

From one occasion to another, from one place to the other, from one messed up head to four. Wow again! Haha~

Seriously, it has been quite a tough month, and before you know it, midterms are around the corner. Yikes! And I haven't even started the best part of it all yet.

Anyways, it was a good experience. May not be planned again but sure, will be cherished.

Give and Take~
Stress and Pressure~
Patience and Tolerance~
Makes us a very dynamic and fun community to be in.

Smile! =D